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Interior design tips to help sell your house more quickly

Don't scare potential buyers away

Finish those little DIY jobs you never got quite around to. A loose skirting board or wonky kitchen cabinet door etc.


Don't give the impression there is a lack of storage. Children's toys should be tidied away and should not be outside the children's rooms.

Give the impression of space

Only have furniture that fits in the space. If you have to walk around a piece of furniture then it's too big or there's too much of it. A potential buyer will think the space is small so put it into storage.

Brighten things up

Rooms with small windows need light colours. Generally all rooms should have light colours, but don't paint magnolia everywhere.

Hide any holes and cracks

Use an instant plaster filler or decorator's caulk to hide all cracks and small holes.

Soften the mood

Use throws and cushions to soften the look andmcreate a nice atmosphere

Add light

If you have dark, empty corners, use a small table lamp to create an ambience and brighten up the space

Hide ugly views

Blinds and curtains on the window do wonders to hide nasty views or just to soften a room

Complementary colours

Make sure that colours match and don't use very personal themes like Moroccan or animal print

Make it cosy and welcoming

Place flowers in vases around the house (don't overdue it though) and colourful fruits in a bowl on the kitchen table. Make a cup of coffee just before the viewers come and if it happens to be on the weekend have a cake freshly baked somewhere in the kitchen, the smell is unbeatable

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