Stylish Interior Design schemes for Childrens Rooms


Designing a room for a child or a teenager certainly is not easy.

The older the children are the more important it is to create a space which has clearly define areas for sleeping, playing, studying, and dressing. Creating bedrooms with defined areas for these purposes will help your child to keep the room more tidy but above all it will create a sense of space and wellbeing within their own four walls.

Plenty of storage should allow for all those toys and games to be put away after use, a good study area close to natural light if possible will help to study and a nice area for friends to sit and play as well as a space for the occasional sleepover is all essentials for a well-designed child’s bedroom.

Even the smallest room can be a funky childrens room with all the defined areas for playing, studying, sleeping and dressing.

If you find this all too overwhelming just give us a call in our London office, we are happy to help.