Cosy Interior Design in Kensington

Who can be blamed for longing after something warm and cosy when we have been battered by rain and gales recently? Not too long ago I created a lovely and warm interior Design in Kensington. The key was to create an interior space which was not too girly but not too masculine either, it should also not be too cool or minimalist yet the owners did not like anything traditional. They disliked busy wallpaper and bright colours and longed for something warm and inviting, with ambience and cosiness without being stuffy.

So I came up with this….

And it is absolutely wonderful; the blue wall colour is fantastic, the subtle softness of the dark blue make the room feel warm and mysterious. Many people shy away from using dark colours. In my experience, dark colours can turn a boring one dimensional space into something breathtakingly adventurous.

Dark colours where applied properly and thoughtfully can lift a space and make a room feel warm and inviting. Obviously the decisions have to be sensible, for example I would not suggest painting a study in which someone has to sit and work all day, every day in a dark colour, however,- a library in your own home could look fantastic in a darker tone, even the ceilings can be painted dark to great effect,- if you are brave enough.

So,- as a New Year’s resolution why don’t you turn that room you always thought looked a little bit uninspiring into a haven of cosiness and comfort, a place in which to curl up with a good book on a dark and gloomy? There are hundreds of different moody shades to inspire you.

If you are unsure about your colour choice drop me an email on and I am happy to give some advice.

With all the best wishes for a healthy and prosperous Year 2014!