One day introduction course to window treatment design

If you are thinking about changing the curtains, blinds or shutters in a room but are unsure about what is available and what would suit the situation, window design and room purpose, than this one day course might be the right thing for you to get you started.

I have taught the extended version of this course to Interior Design students and they have absolutely loved it. This slimmed down version of the course will not baffle you with Interior Design  jargon but explain the various types of curtain and blind styles, why we would suggest one style before the other, how to measure windows correctly, which fabrics are suitable, how to instruct a curtain maker and how to sketch a design.

The course is taught over 5 hours in two 2.5 hour blocks with a 30 minute lunch break. It includes a light cold lunch and coffee, tea, and biscuits. You will receive comprehensive hand-outs of everything we discussed and hopefully meet some likeminded people and make new friends.

The course is limited to only 4 per day.


One day introduction to sophisticated window treatments

Curtain styles, Blinds and other window treatments available today

Measure a window correctly

Difficult window shapes and how to overcome them

What type of treatment suits which type of window and room?

Lined or interlined, what is the difference?

Track or pole why do we choose one before the other

Fabrics and their suitability’s

How to instruct a curtain maker

The latest trends

Sketch a design

 Price per person £153.00

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