100% Design Show 2013

The end of the summer holidays and the middle of September always marks the beginning of the autumn Design Shows. All over the capital small and large shows exhibit the latest innovations and design for the art, interiors, & architecture sector. The 100% Design Show at Earls Court is usually one of the first shows to see and with its slightly more diverse range across the whole sector, and an emphasis on new and innovative design, the show is always worth a visit.

This year the emphasis clearly was on texture, especially for wall and floorcoverings. From textured and patterned concrete tiles to birch bark veneer for walls and furniture and smooth and rough coloured and textured plaster, textures are continuing to have a great impact on our interior landscape.

Manufacturers are also experimenting with colours, creating a distressed and textured look for engineered wooden flooring as well fancy textured glass and composite surfaces for worktops and cladding.

3D printing was one of the major draws of the show, with the 3D print process being demonstrated and examples of architectural models, pieces of furniture and sculpture as well as lighting, it was clear to see that 3D printing has a promising future.

Within the interior design section though there was unfortunately very little that inspired. The 1960’s/ Danish inspired furniture style was ever more present and offered little excitement.

The “emerging designers” brought some interesting concepts to light though. Some of which might find their niche in places like children’s nurseries or kids bedrooms like this (at least for an adult) rather uncomfortable looking octopus seat. For kids though, I think this could be great fun.

I loved the quirky light design idea which gave coat hangers a new purpose and allows the light to be raised or lowered individually.


What a great idea for a quirky restaurant or a big kitchen/ dining room.

And whilst talking about quirky, how about giving your light bulb and cord a little crochet hat?

In the kitchen design and bathroom design section the trend continues to show long sleek cupboard fronts with cooking islands in various shapes and sizes. The “Farm kitchen” gave the whole look a more inspired rustic touch along with the philosophy of growing your own within your own kitchen, making the impossible possible by using led lights  which simulate daylight and therefore encourage the herbs and lettuces to grow, even indoors.

Within the contract market one fantastic design idea caught my eye which surely will be seen in the near future in luxury hotels, maybe even restaurants, but certainly airport lounges and first class waiting rooms in train stations. This on first glance slightly claustrophobic looking cube offers great comfort and I thought for someone who would like to do a little bit of work in a reasonably private atmosphere, this would be a welcome little cocoon to work from.






I will be back shortly with the latest from the Decorex, which is currently exhibiting within the Kensington Palace Gardens.