Interior Design for tidy teenage rooms

It is certainly not the easiest task to get kids, especially teenagers to keep their rooms in a reasonably tidy state.  Creating a teenage friendly atmosphere in the room and offering plenty of storage space are factors which positively contribute to getting the kids to keep things tidy. However storage should still be stylish and it is quite amazing that when asking kids about their expectations for a new room design, they actually have a very good idea about how their dream room should look.

A while ago I was asked to design the bedrooms of three teenage boys who were at a similar age but quite different in their character, interests and pastimes. The parents had tried to motivate the kids to come up with ideas about new room designs but they could not get any information out of them as to what their wishes and expectations were. At the end they gave up and asked me if I could meet with them and the boys to see if we could come up with some new ideas.

After I had met the parents I started talking to each of the boys individually and together with them I created three very individual room designs.  I am not saying that I am a miracle worker, but I strongly believe that it helped that I was not a parent to those three boys. It did not take long and the kids where very keen to let me know all the things they would love to have in their room and what was important to them, which hobbies they had and how the room needed to adapt to those pastimes.

And because they took part in every step of the design stage from picking the colours to planning the space and sourcing the furniture, the design for their room really became their own. They were so proud of their input and so happy with the design and layout that keeping the rooms tidy was a given, they wanted the room to look nice and show off to their friends. We designed enough storage space for computer games, consoles, arts & crafts, paints and crayons, books and schoolwork and above all, because they had taken part in every step of the design work, they could not complain to their parents any more that there was not enough space “to keep all the stuff” and they quite naturally kept the space tidy.

If your teenager has problems keeping the room tidy and you are thinking of re-vamping the room, try and get someone else involved. This does not necessarily have to be an interior designer, it can be a friend, just someone who is not their parent to discuss a new design and ask them for their ideas, dreams and wishes. And by actively involving them in the whole process I am very certain, that the new room will be kept tidy always and the kids will enjoy it as much as you do.

These images show one of the bedrooms from the same angel before and after. We created so much storage without the room feeling cluttered that all the toys and games were tidily stored away leaving plenty of space to create a study and TV area.